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Help build Marin's first comprehensive online arts calendar!
We have conducted thorough research for the very best online arts calendar and directory (a "cultural portal") for Marin. One solution stands head and shoulders above the rest: Artsopolis.
Artsopolis software is already deployed in over 30 successful arts community websites across the country. Marin has so much arts and culture to offer - we should have our own successful arts and culture website to bring the arts and our community together.
We need $25,000 to launch the calendar for the first year. We're already well on our way towards reaching our goal with funding from the California Arts Council, Marin Community Services Fund, and the generosity of individual donors.
We're asking you to help push our funding over the top. We need all of our friends, supporters and people who care about the arts to make the art calendar come to life!
Donate $10, $100, $1,000 or any amount today!  
While you're at it, pass this along to 10 friends. Help spread the word!
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The Marin Arts Organizing Committee formed to launch shortly after the Marin Arts Council dissolved in 2012. The Marin Arts Council had been Marin’s local arts agency for more than 25 years and its demise has left a void in Marin’s arts community.

We have been carefully listening to Marin’s artists and arts organizations about their needs and desires, culminating in a series of focus groups in November 2012. These discussions clearly demonstrate the need for a county wide arts service organization that will promote, support and advocate for all of the arts in Marin.

Further research into the scope, success and limitations of other local arts agencies across California and the country have allowed us to build a model of an ideal arts service organization for Marin. We now have a blueprint for building Our first step and foundation: Marin’s first comprehensive online arts calendar.

Now, with a firm partnership with the California Arts Council, is in the process of becoming a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.