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who we are

  • A county wide arts service organization dedicated to empowering all the arts in Marin County – visual arts, theater, film, music, literature, festivals, workshops, family events and more.


what we do

  • Foster collaboration, communication and networking between existing arts organizations and programs in Marin.
  • Inform the public about the outstanding Marin arts community.
  • Advocate for all the Marin arts.


our first project

  • Build Marin’s first comprehensive online arts calendar.
  • We have researched and identified the best arts calendar software for Marin (with a budget of $25,000 to launch and run for the first year).


why you should support MarinArts.org

  • Artists and arts organizations benefit from public awareness of their work and from cross-fertilization with other artists and organizations.
  • The public needs a single source available to access information about arts activities, performances and events in Marin.
  • We are the only organization dedicated to supporting all arts forms in Marin County, something sorely needed in our community.
  • We run lean and mean with no paid staff, only contract support.
  • Take a minute to Donate - gifts of any amount are greatly appreciated!